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    The Procedure of Cosmetic Dentistry

    The aim of such procedures are to treat periodontal /gum disease .Main cause of such diseases are bacteria in the form of plaque that constantly forms around the teeth.

    Periodontal procedures include :

    • a) Non surgical treatment like scaling and root planing to remove plaque and calculus followed by ongoing maintenance therapy to sustain health.
    • b) Periodontal surgery is preferred when the tissue around the teeth is reparable by non surgical treatment.
    • c) Dental implants is tooth replacement option if the tooth is lost to any periodontal disease or other reasons
    • d) Cosmetic procedures like crown lengthening for short teeth or gummy smile ,soft tissue grafts for long teeth or receding gums,

    Depigmentation of Gum

    The most common cause of darker pigments in the gums is  genetics. Excess melanin can build up in the gums, making them look brown or black instead of pink. This is more common in certain ethnic groups like people with African or Middle Eastern ancestry.  The extra pigment does not indicate any disease or dysfunction.Patients seek treatment because of an aesthetic preference for pink gums that showcase their teeth better.