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A smile is the fastest and most sympathetic way to our fellow human beings. However, a charming smile requires healthy and well groomed teeth, for this we work as a team every day.

Excellent quality of treatment is a matter of course for us since 2018, coupled with latest technology we guarantee you a high quality concept. Teethos is conveniently located in Kakkanad on Vattekad building, Edachira. We are on the first floor. The entrance is at the centre of the building. Our mission is to give you as many reasons to smile as we possibly can. Whether you are looking for a healthy mouth or a beautiful smile on your face.

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Dental clinic near Infopark

Teethos dental is the best and popular dental clinic near Infopark, Kochi. We assure the most modern and advanced dental treatments at an affordable cost to each and every one. Complete dental care treatments are assured with Teethos dental clinic. Teethos is conveniently located at the heart of the IT park, Kakkanad Kochi. If you are looking for the most leading dental clinic near Kakkanad, Kochi Teethos will be the best choice. We have highly experienced and qualified dental professionals who perform each and every single task with the best care. Support for patients is also very important. Our mission is to provide the best dental treatments to the patients with best comfort and care.  We use the most modern dental technology to treat our patients. We can assure healthy mouth care and an attractive smile to everyone. We can take care of your dental health at best care. Our treatments are as follows.


 Implant dentistry helps in replacing a missing tooth while not disturbing any other tooth. An artificial tooth is replaced in the jaw. Both conventional implants and immediate implants can be given depending on the particular case. Biocompatible medical-grade materials are used for the procedure. Teethos dental clinic is the best in providing great dental implant treatments all over the world. We have got advanced facilities for the treated patients at teethos dental clinic. As we all know Kochi is one of the most popular tourist locations in Kerala. We have implemented dental tourism packages for tourists around the world. You will be surprised to avail the best dental treatments in Kochi from Teethos dental clinic.


Restoring form and function to damaged teeth can be done using porcelain dental crowns while also improving their appearance. Dental bridges can be an excellent option if you are missing one or more consecutive teeth along your gum line. At Teethos Dental Care, our doctors use zirconia – a durable, non-metallic material that more closely resembles the natural color of exact teeth. We are one of the best dental clinic near Kakkanad. Dental bridges are necessary for the cases of dental implants and dental crowns depend on different needs. We can say that it is an effective cosmetic treatment which provides beautiful results which will help the patients to improve their chewing capacity, speaking ability, and many other problems related to missing teeth.


Teethos dental clinic is the best dental clinic for Oral treatments. It is the most popular dental clinic near Infopark, Kochi. Oral treatments are very important in dental health care. Routine oral exams are an integral part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and can also help in preventing future complications. At the Oral examination period, our well qualified and experienced doctors will thoroughly go through your mouth to detect any existing issues. If we found any issues the doctors will recommend a specific treatment plan that can address current concerns and help prevent problems from worsening. By receiving oral exams on a regular basis, you can ensure that you and your family members keep good oral health maintain an optimal.


Root canal treatments are performed to restore the teeth by removing the infection happened to the teeth. to Root Canal Therapy can be done to save a tooth that has severe damage or decay wherein the infected nerve tissues of the tooth are sterilized. The nerve space inside the tooth will be filled with a biocompatible filling material and the tooth will often require a ceramic crown in order to enable long-lasting protection. If you are looking for the top dental clinic near Kakkanad, Teethos dental clinic will be the best choice for your needs.


 A crooked smile can distract you from your daily goals. Traditional orthodontics can be very helpful in correcting crowding and malposed tooth. We at Teethos provide a facility for traditional orthodontic correction as well as clear aligners. Clear aligners are a set of cad-cam-assisted tight-fitting trays that you yourself can change at specified intervals to align your teeth.

Dental clinic near Kakkanad.

If you are looking for affordable dental treatments in a busy city like Kochi, You can access easily Teethos dental clinic. We are one of the top-quality dental clinic near Kakkanad. We always strive to provide the best and affordable dental treatments to people with the latest dental technologies to assure the best dental and oral health. For us, the happiest face and smile of patients are very important. Teethos is situated at a convenient location at Ernakulam. It is the best dental clinic near Infopark, Kochi too. Cosmetic treatments, dental implants, teeth whitening, laser dental treatments, sleep disorder treatments, smile correction, dimple creation, Root canal treatments, and major other treatments are performed by professionals at an affordable cost at teethos dental clinic.


A bright white smile can sometimes be all you need when it comes to first impression. Lack of confidence while smiling is faced by a lot of individuals. At Teethos, we provide you options for whitening your teeth according to your budget. Treatments may vary from at office single day whitening to advanced laser teeth whitening. Teethos is the most reputed dental clinic near Infopark, Kochi. The majority of Infopark people will be coming to teethos to availing the best dental treatments at an affordable cost.


Scaling and root planning is an effective treatment technique that is designed to treat gum disease and help protect your teeth from cavities and tooth decaying. This is a non-surgical treatment that helps for the removal of tartar and plaque buildup found in the gums and around the tooth roots. Ultimately it helps to disinfect soft tissues and prevent gum disease with an immediate effect.


Durable, aesthetically-pleasing solution to cavities and tooth decay can be achieved using tooth-colored fillings. It is also called composite fillings or white fillings; It is a common dental treatment that involves making use of tooth-colored light-activated material to fill crevices and cavities in order to provide the best strength, duration, high stability, and natural-looking results. Special light-curing units are used for the restoration process. These restorations can provide an effective solution for patients of any age.


 To improve the appearance and function of teeth that are affected by minor imperfections such as gaps, chips, discolorations, and even misalignments; aesthetic dental bonding can be a game-changer. For this treatment, a tooth-colored oral resin is applied to each affected tooth and then exposed to a high-intensity light cure unit that causes the resin to harden. Tooth shade is selected prior to bonding. A very natural-looking effect can be attained after shaping and finishing the resin material.


At Teethos, we strive in making your experience here with us as enjoyable as possible for the entire family. We offer the best family dental care in a safe and friendly environment for the patients. We are sure that can make you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed during each and every single visit.


Dental emergencies can be stressful and can occur at any time. At Teethos we provide immediate assistance for you or your child during dental emergencies. In case of emergencies such as broken tooth due to a fall, keep the fractured tooth in a container of cool water, saliva, or milk and report to the clinic as earliest as possible.