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    They are meant to correct the mal aligned tooth and jaws to improve a persons smile. various appliances either fixed or removable are used to align teeth, correcting irregular bite, teeth, lip alignments etc.
    These treatments can be started to create a beautiful smile regardless of what age you are, but its popular among kids, teens and young adults.

    Treatment options may vary according to the type of malocclusion. it can be fixed orthodontic appliance like metal braces, ceramic braces,  lingual wire, fixed space maintainer/ regainer or removable appliances like aligner, headgear lip and cheek bumper, removable space maintainer/regainer, splints etc.

    Clear Aligner


    Straightening of crooked teeth can have an effect on your smile.Clear aligners are an orthodontic option that will help straighten your teeth efficiently.Clear aligners are a series of clear strong splints which are invisible ,comfortable and removable.This is an alternative to all those patients who want to do orthodontic treatment but do not want conventional braces.

    They will never stand in the way of your eating habits,as they can be easily taken out and inserted into the mouth by the patient themselves.Besides ,aligners ensure perfect oral hygiene as they can be taken out while cleaning the tooth and they can be inserted into the mouth ,after cleaning and rinsing them.Thus aligners will remain bright,clear and hygienic.

    Metal Braces

    Ceramic Braces

    Self Ligating Brackets

    Self Ligating Ceramic Brackets

    Clear Aligner cost in Kerala

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