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    One among the expensive treatment procedures but has a proven result which are designed to produce a balance between function, longevity and esthetics. Such procedures are primarily performed to restore and replace lost/damaged teeth


    In simple terms CAPS replaces the entire visible surface of a tooth above gumline. various crowns available are metal,porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic,monolith and zirconium.these are also used to replace missing teeth, repair fractured tooth, malaligned tooth after root canal procedure.


    Different types of dentures are used to replace missing teeth, they are complete denture,removable partial denture and implant supported according to the function, need and affordability.


    Its done to replace single/multiple or entire tooth. its one among most costly tooth replacement method with excellent value in long run as they can last a lifetime. Here titanium metal post are implanted in the jaw bone which in turn fuses with the jaw bone providing a solid anchorage for lifetime. Various types of implants are used nowadays depending upon the availability of bone.Endosteal implants

    • Periosteal implants
    • Basal implants
    • Zygomatic implants
    • Ultra short implants.


    Parafunctional grinding or clenching of teeth is termed as Bruxism.
    Bruxism may occur during sleep oe semiconsciously during wakefulness The causative factors may be neurologival or psychosocial stress,anxiety,local occlusal interferences etc. The excess prolonged occlusal force created during bruxism adversely affects the muscles and may cause undue stress and joint derangement. Tooth wear,broken restorations,muscle soreness and headaches are the aftermaths of Bruxism If affected with Temporomandibular joint ,there will be sounds in the joint like clicking,popping or crepitus. Treatment involves identifying the causative factors and correction of occlusion and use of splints as well as pharmacological measures .

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